iHydrate, CureBowl 2015
iHydrate, CureBowl 2015

USSSA is proud to be involved in the Cure Bowl — the first ever college football bowl game to be backed by the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and to raise awareness for breast cancer. As the nation’s leading amateur athletic organization, it is only fitting for USSSA to endorse an amazing health tool — the iHydrate app — through such an outstanding sports platform.

iHydrate is the premier way to track daily water intake to ensure hydration for your body. USSSA is presenting it through the official Cure Bowl mobile app. Fun and easy, the iHydrate app provides a useful tool to enhance your health and performance.

Join USSSA in supporting an amazing cause, and also keep up with your hydration levels for optimum performance. The Cure Bowl will take place on Saturday, December 19 at 7pm EST. The bowl matchup pits San Jose State University versus Georgia State University.

Download both the Cure Bowl app and iHydrate app today for free in the app store!

For the Cure!


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