Increasing your water intake level has been proven to have great effects on your physical and mental health. Setting hydration goals with a water tracker app will save you in the new year.

With 200+ reviews and a 4+ star rating in the Apple App Store, iHydrate water tracker is obviously killing the game. And if you own wearables like a FitBit or Jawbone activity tracker keep reading because things are about to get a lot brighter for you in 2016!

So, if you’re like me, sadly you’ve probably already given up on that old New Year’s resolution to eat less junk food, exercise more, get fit, go to the gym, [insert New Year’s pipe dream of choice here]. Don’t feel bad. You’re not alone.

I wasn’t really surprised when I read something like 92% of New Year’s resolutions fail within the first month. And most of them are abandoned before the ball even drops!

However, if you’re really serious about staying fit, getting in shape, looking good, looking hot, feeling rad, being cool, there’s one thing you can do. Drink more water, dude!



Take ownership of your health, your body, your mind and give it some loving. Seriously, it’s so easy to drink more water. And making that change is a sign of a strong will, a sign of determination, a sign of strength. When turn your gaze inward, recognize your faults and say I can do better than this, you can’t lose.

The Failed New Year’s Resolution as a Springboard to Moderation

Increasing your daily water intake is one hell of a great way to boost your self worth and an incredibly easy way to increase your overall well-being. Lucky for you the iHydrate app makes doing that kind of fun even.

I realize that it might sound like pseudo science to say that drinking more water could boost your self worth, but try and follow me a second and I’ll eventually get to telling you about all the seriously cool features of this app.

When you think about what a New Year’s resolution is, at its core the New Year’s resolution is an attempt at bringing hope with us into the new year.

In looking for inspiration around the web I stumbled upon this article at BellaNaija.com, a website I’d oddly enough never heard of before, but in which the author correctly states, “Everyone starts the New Year with good intentions of making right the things that went wrong in the previous year. [The NYR] is a way of setting a personal goal or target and whether we can achieve them or not, it gives us something to look forward to, and work on (hopefully).”

So, you’ve failed in your attempt at holding true to your New Year’s resolution of eating healthy and getting fit. Don’t abandon all hope yet. I say making an attempt at drinking more water can fill in maybe as a more realistic goal for getting yourself on track and staying there. And you’ll feel real good about it too.

Tips For Staying Hydrated (click to expand)

5 Reasons iHydrate is King of the Water Tracker Apps

iHydrate takes what the typical water tracker should do and does it like a superhero.

The truth is you probably DON’T drink enough water. But you probably DO drink more than enough soda, or coffee, or sweetened bevys of all kinds. And that stuff adds up. And I know you like them. I like them too! I’m not saying you should cut them out entirely. You just need a better way to keep track of how well hydrated you are.

First and foremost, iHydrate tracks all the drinks you consume, not just water. Remember how you’re hooked on coffee, and soda, and juices, and smoothies? Well, those obviously don’t hydrate you the same way that water does.

Unlike WaterMinder or Waterlogged, iHydrate takes this into account. iHydrate calculates the amount of water from each drink you consume allowing you to accurately track your hydration level.

#1 – Badge & Push Notifications

notification badge iphone

Time to drink more water! iHydrate doesn’t want you to slip. With custom badge notifications you can keep tabs on your daily progress in one of four ways. By how much water you have left to drink, how much you have already consumed, the percentage left to drink and the percentage left to consume.

#2 – Log Every Type of Drink You Drink

ihydrate app today's progress view

Drink whatever you want and see how much water you’re getting out of it. Whether you’ve just had a glass of milk, a cup of coffee or a few sips of wine, tell iHydrate the total amount of that beverage you’ve consumed (in oz or ml, your choice!) and it automatically separates out the actual percentage of that beverage which is water and counts only that toward your daily hydration goal.

#3 – Customizable Drink Sizes & Settings

ihydrate custom drink sizes and settings menu

Users of FitBit applaud the developers for allowing them to add and customize their own drink size preferences. As you can see, if you adhere to a pretty regular schedule and know just how much of a particular beverage you’ll be drinking at once you’re just one simple click away from adding that data point to your intake history.

#4 – Edit Your Intake History

ihydrate app intake history view

Navigation by hour, week and month is as simple as a single touch. You can even edit past drinks by kind, amount and time if you made a mistake originally.

#5 – It’s Free!

ihydrate app store icon

As opposed to WaterMinder ($1.99), iHydrate is FREE and takes the meaning of water tracker to the next level.

INSIDER SCOOP: What’s Coming Down the Pike?

Integration with FitBit and Health Kit

The FitBit Activity Tracker doesn’t do a good job at helping you meet your hydration goals. At all. But in like a week from now the iHydrate app is going to be fully integrated with the Apple Health App, FitBit and Jawbone so all your data and stats from iHydrate will be included in your FitBit and HealthKit reports.

iHydrate Apple Watch App

Get ready because it’ll be easier than ever to track your water intake once all the killer features of iHydrate can be accessed right on your Apple Watch.

Be Well in the New Year and Feel Awesome About Yourself

The iHydrate app is available for free in the App Store and its developers are getting ready to roll out some exciting new features on top of the already exceptional feature set contained within the app.

Let us know how you’re hanging on to your New Year’s resolution (or not!) and what you think about the iHydrate app in the comments section below.


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